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We Amanda Mary Jewell and Douglas Jewell (Mary and Doug) pose more of a threat than any terrorist past or present to most of the world’s agencies! We are the biggest threat to BiG Phama to date!

Terrorist organizations can affect a few thousand. GcMaf can affect a few billion

Now the true agenda: it is for every man, woman and child on this earth will be immunized, vaccinated, poisoned by chem trails, GMO, metallic poisoning. just to name a few.

The only effective counter to rebalance this is guess what? GcMaf!

This is because GcMaf reacts the very immune defense that the above disabled in the body!

This simply explains why we are being treated worse than a terrorist. To the powers that be, we are worse!

Even a terrorist gets media attention. We are in prison! No charge, no questions ever asked, its clever!

we will need support to get me off the Island od Dominica in the West Indies, we are planning for the 9th to Antigua and 10th to UK! We need a a large group not from here, we need you my friends, to Antigua, (news is ahead of me and awaits for the dangerous baby killer)unless we have a large group formed from Dominica to get us to Antigua! this is where we need again People to get us safely to the UK the next day and stay to keep me safe 9th -10 whilst awaiting a connecting flight. A large group waiting in the UK of friendly folk also! sound possible? I am in a wheel chair! legs do not hold my weight, I am 45kg or close. I am vomiting with stress. I really have to get to my children. Hate is forming for them as a press released news of one working with me! Now she is another child killer? one of my kids down, 16 to go. They are frightened and worried. We have made sacrifices for GcMaf and that includes our children sadly. This we have to live with.

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please share this news far and wide, collective gathering, people in numbers count!