The Flower of Health is a highly effective TREATMENT to cure chronic illnesses (long term)

Our mission at La Flor Dela Salud is to stimulate an epidemic of health. We focus on disease prevention by finding the root cause of illness along with treating symptoms. We are a thriving, dynamic organization dedicated to superior medical care with a proud history in Holistic medicine. Our research accomplishments challenge the medical community to consider non-pharmaceutical options. We are considered the premier holistic medical facility in Mexico.. Patients come to us looking for the best care and expertise available. Our doctors work with patients from all over the world to understand their illness and to teach them how to get restore their health.

Treating (Cancer, Amanda Mary specialising in Brain tumors). Migraine, Diabetes,  Gastritis, Arthritis, Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Back pain, Muscle aches, herniated discs, Asthma, Psoriasis, Uric acid, Herpes, Obesity, High blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, removal of heavy metals, drug rehibilitation and Infertility.

Treatment available, GcMaf immuniotherapy plus other treatments 

Meet the team that make it possible:


Berenice (nurse and secretary), Maria Louise head nurse,  Amanda Mary holistic practitioner and Senior cancer researcher , Geraldine Nurse. (left to right)

Dr. José Luis Romo
Holistic practitioner
Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Jorge R. Porto


 Our team are able to offer various levels of support to those seeking further guidance by way of remote support or attending our in-house services . We are offering the following services.

  1. We are able to design a tailor-made protocol with simple step by step instructions.  No two bodies are the same. We Suggest  where to purchase products. We supply information links explaining why we suggest these particular products and therapies in a well laid out format for easy following. We include dietary advise and suggest any exercise needed. There is a fee of 100gbp 120USD 110 EU 200 CAD fee for this service (Payment details by email request). We would require you to complete a questionnaire prior to this taking place (email for questionnaire).
  2. We also offer Monthly reviews of protocol. We can review your case and protocol on a weekly, two weekly, monthly basis following communicating with you. There is a fee per review of 40gbp 60USD 50EU 90CAD fee for this service (Payment details via email request).
  3. Skype support: We offer skype or telephone support with Amanda Mary. There is a fee of 80gbp 100USD 90EU 160CAD fee per consultation or mentoring for up-to 45 minutes  (Payment details via email). Should you wish to discuss your case via telephone/skype please If you wish to arrange a mutually convenient time slot please  (email)
  4. Outpatient appointmentsWe schedule appointments for out-patient consultations. Please bring all medical history of your ailment to date. list any products taken. Bring copies of scans, blood work and medical notes in relation to your case. The fee for up-to 45 minutes consultation is 80gbp 100USD 90EU 160CAD.
  5. Diamond service program. 21 days stay at our clinic.  To include: A 21 night program:

    To include any/some/all of the following intravenous GcMAF , ozone therapy, stem cell treatment, Papimi, Q2, acupuncture,  oxygen therapy, Chelation, magnetic therapy, DMSO I.V, Vitamin C I.V, homeopathy, voll measurement testing, Neuro focal odontology. Neural therapy. These are among many of the other services we offer. As treatments which are all included in the pricing below. We  put together a clinic protocol of what services we would offer you for your condition. Our prices are kept at a minimum to assist more people in restoring their health..  Placements are limited and we cannot guarantee placements to everyone at the moment, however, as we grow our facilities we will be more than capable of offering more placements in the very near future. As every case is unique, all cases will be reviewed following a detailed questionnaire to determine eligibility for the program.

    Program overview:


    • Price for the above  $25,000 (USD)  for 2 people attending which is a patient plus one guest sharing the same room, price include meal plan.
    • Products for protocols, treatments, therapies and consultations  will be included in the price.• Guests wishing to eat at the facility will only be offered the same diet as the patients. If wishing to eat alternate food this can be sourced outside but not brought into the facility. NO FOOD ITEM OF ANY SORT MUST ENTER THE FACILITY FROM OUTSIDE. This is a healthy eating environment.
      • After eligibility requirements are met, 50% payment is required to secure your place.
      • We will send an invoice for payment of deposit, balance will be required on the day of arrival.. .

                Price Includes:

    • 21 nights stay at our facility
    • Rolls Royce stem cell treatment, papimi daily, chelation, ozone IV, colon cleansing, voll and magnetic testing, acupuncture ad magnetic therapy daily, IV GCmaf, supplements, minerals, Q2 daily, IV bicarbonate, neural therapy, other treatments and therapies that are provided in house at the center for the disclosed condition.
    • 21 day education on health and well-being.
    • Regular consultations with Dr Romo or Amanda Mary during your stay.
    • General health check and stats taken.
    • Healthy meals and beverage plan for the duration of the program. Outdoor dining where possible.
    • Private driver to collect you from Mexico city airport and return you after 21 days
    • Use of outdoor relaxing lazy chairs.
    • An education on what dietary plan to follow
    • Accommodation is a tranquil environment with en-suite private rooms
    • Families can be accommodated if necessary.
    • Supervising and monitoring protocols, nursing staff are available 24 hours.
    • Throughout your stay we will be educating you about diet, how to continue after leaving the clinic and much more throughout your stay.
    • Free Wi-Fi internet supplied
    • Towels are provided. Please let me know if you have any special requests.
    • Ample Multi chargers are available in all rooms. No need to bring adapter plugs.
    • Counseling sessions and mentoring when required
    • Physiotherapy if required
    • Free use of private club with outdoor pool, sauna, gym and much more
    • Yoga lessons and other supersize classes if you desire
    • sauna
    • Laundry Facilities


    • X-rays, scans
    • Dental Work
    • Printing of documents
    • Use of telephone
    • Taxi’s
    • Fit to fly letters
    • Expedition letter to passport agency or other bodies
    • Documents for 3rd parties from out center.
    • Consultations for accompanying guests unless they are patients.
    • Relaxing massage
      • Prior to DepartureItems to Bring:
        • Gather and bring all scans and medical documentation
        • Bring only natural deodorant, soap, shampoo, etc. do not bring ANY chemical products. For more information, see link
        • Do not bring snacks
        • Send me flight itinerary by email ASAP
        • Gather and bring all products that you have been taking in your protocol if Amanda Mary (Mary) has sent one to you. Ensure you have enough for the duration of your stay (21 days). Do not bring cannabis oil. Cannabis is a controlled substance and cannot be brought through customs at the airport.
        • The weather in Puebla is typically warm, but it is advisable to bring a sweater or something warm for the occasional cool days or nights.

        Dental Work:
        • ALL AMALGAM FILLINGS AND ROOT CANALS HAVE TO BE REMOVED prior to departure or within the first 48 hours of arrival. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE. You will be asked to leave and any paid monies will not be refunded. The only exception is with prior arrangement to stay an additional week in order to have the dental work completed here. Please note that we do have wonderful dentists that can carry out your dental work at a fraction of the cost of most other countries.


        Location Directions:
        1. Take flight to Mexico city. One of our designated drivers will be await your arrival at the airport to bring you to the clinic.

        Interesting links:

        OPTION 2

        Same as option one minus stem cells $18,000usd

        OPTION 3

        As in option one minus the club entry and local accommodation not at the clinic but within a 5 minute walking distance. Price $15,000

        The 3 options above also include contact when you leave our facility, we continue to monitor your progress and assist by remote support.


        AV. 5 PONIENTE NO.- 140


We await to hear further from you

Love and light