4 thoughts on “Medicinal Recipes”

  1. Debra Ewing said:

    I find your story very interesting. I’m interested in medicinal plants. I am made fun of a lot.


  2. Alfredo garcia said:

    I been suffering from high Blood pressure of around 200/100 i have been taking sodium nitrate Plus potassium carbonate which lowers my pressure in 20 min to more razonable measure but It comes back after 3 hours or so….dont want to take alopaty. My weight is no 72k for 1.62 m height. Do you have an alternative method to restore my health? I live un México city and mexican..i try to eat only organic..thanksfor the replay and god bless you!!


    • Dear Alfredo,

      I also live in Mexico. I am currently away working in Kuwait but return to Mexico on 3rd February. I will be consulting in Mexico City on 4th February and will be happy to meet you for a consultation. If this is an option you wish to consider, please email me for an appointment mary@mothernatureandyou.net

      I would like to recommend a book for you which will really help you with high blood pressure, the cure will cost you a few dollars. I suggest you purchase the book Over The Counter Natural cures. It is available from Amazon please find this wonderful book on the following link

      Love and light



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