Today you can find anything in the grocery stores. But do we know how and where was that product processed? Imagine to first export chicken raised and slaughtered in the U.S. to China for processing, and then to ship back in the U.S. for selling. What kind of meat will that be? Will it be good for our health? The answer is quite simple, no! Today everyone wants a big profit but with low costs, and that is what this is all about. In China the processing of the chickens will be much cheaper than it is in USA. The saddest thing is that U.S. Department of Agriculture allows it.


Even the food safety experts are worried about the quality of that kind processed chicken.

Tom Super is a spokesman for the National Chicken Council and in a recent interview with the Houston Chronicle he said that this doesn’t even make sense when it comes to economy, because he thinks that no one would have profit of transporting frozen chicken 7.000 miles in one way and then to transport it again for another 7.000 miles.

But what casts doubt on his assessment is that American poultry processors are paid $11 per hour on average. In China they can earn significantly less – $1 to 2 per hour. This was estimated by Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In case you didn’t know this kind of process is already being used in U.S. and it is for the seafood (Pacific salmon and Dungeness crab). They go through the process we mentioned above and they have done that just for a lower costs – and that means bigger profit.

Charles Bundrant is a founder of Trident which ships about 30 million pounds annual harvest to China for processing. He said that he is doing that because they best way to remove the bones from salmon is by hand, and in US that would cost $1 per pound, and that in China that is done for 20 cents.

Another fact is that China is one of the world’s worst food safety offenders.

USDA agreement was a mistake, so the Food Safety News aims to stop Chinese-processed chicken from ever reaching the school lunchrooms and even the supermarkets.

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