Before cancer I lived life in a cloud
Drifting around sometimes very high
at times close to the ground.
Sometimes black and sometimes very white
Never really knowing what was my height.
Not really knowing where was the start and where would be the end
It took me so long to realise Cancer was my friend.

I needed the right peices to the puzzle to make my body complete
I wished for the keys to the door to open and to meet
The reason for my living, to stand again upon my feet.

The cancer came into my life, like a whisper in the night
I recall on the harsh reality of this terrible fright.
The answers were simple and this i now know
The cancer needed feeding in order to grow.
I starved it and beat it with all of my might
I eventually won this battle and fight.

Cancer was the rudder to my stormy seas
It opened my contious mind with all the right keys.
Cancer all gone. I am now stronger than ever
I just need to gain weight as I am light as a feather.

Nobody knows or Understands the Real Me.
I wish to share with you in-order for you to see!
Nobody knows the amount of times, I have sat in my consulting room and cried!
How many times I have felt there is no longer hope in Mankind.
Cancer need not be a life sentence of pain, poisons, toxins and lies!
It can be an education where nobody needs to suffer and dies.

Chemo is mustard gas. Radiation, surgery causing death and pain in 97% of cases.
Alternative treatment giving 80% chance of healed and again happy faces!
I no longer wish to cry behind closed doors and fight battles that people do not yet know.
My wish and desire is to educate you. To let my knowledge flow!
The answers are simple now that I know.
Cancer needs a feed in order to grow!

When people understand the cause not the symptom, its an education for all.
Every living thing needs a feed for it to grow and have a ball!
The Main stream media reports that cancer will come to every one in two.
This means there is a 50% chance of it happening to you!
We now have the answers so there is nothing to fear.
But is the truth something the public are ready to hear?!

The Dr’s of medical mainstream have been lying for years.
They tell us no other cures to aid all our fears.
They tell of chemo, radiation, surgery yet no more.
We holistics have the answer, yet they will not open this door.
Dr’s say to Prod it and poke it then radiate it with Gas.
this will be sure to turn it into a deathly mass!
Its time to take a leap of faith to those in the know.
To stop feeding the cancer that is enabling it to grow!

Our clinics are here with the results to be seen.
They are spoken by the good people that have been!
Our results can not be doubted by the powers that be.
Some i will share with you so that you may see!
These people all came riddled with cancers.
They all left healthy with all of the answers!

I hope that these video’s will be shared far and wide.
There is no secret to healing, It is something we will no longer hide!

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This lady is well on the road to recovery from Breast cancer :

This lady’s brain Tumors are now 60% reduced in just 3 short months, she is going to the Gym, out with friends and has good quality of life. Aliki is on the road to recovery :

This video will teach you about healing your body and give valuable information about our cancer healing clinic that is helping many, we must make people aware of the alternatives! :

Amanda Mary Jewell .
Senior cancer researcher and Holistic practitioner at the Flower of Health Cancer healing Center in Puebla Mexico
Email mary@healingoracle.netme-eating-healthy

Written by Amanda Mary
inspired by Dr Jeff Bell