undertakerBefore cancer I lived life in a cloud
Drifting around sometimes very high
at times close to the ground.
Sometimes black and sometimes very white
Never really knowing what was my height.
Not really knowing where was the start and where would be the end
It took me so long to realise Cancer was my friend.

I needed the right peices to the puzzle to make my body complete
I wished for the keys to the door to open and to meet
The reason for my living, to stand again upon my feet.

The cancer came into my life, like a whisper in the night
I recall on the harsh reality of this terrible fright.
The answers were simple and this i now know
The cancer needed feeding in order to grow.
I starved it and beat it with all of my might
I eventually won this battle and fight.

Cancer was the rudder to my stormy seas
It opened my contious mind with all the right keys.
Cancer all gone. I am now stronger than ever
I just need to gain weight as I am light as a feather.

My personal story can be read here

This is the cancer restoration center where I work and help other recover from Cancer

Written by Amanda Mary