9 days ago Amanda Mary Jewell, holistic practitioner and senior cancer researcher started to suffer anterograde amnesia following a severe blow to the head. From this point onwards she is unable to make new memories. Her memories are only from prior to the incident or accident. She is a little confused, more each day. Her hammock at home failed causing her fall. Mary’s head took quite a blow as it  hit a large ceramic planter before hitting the concrete floor. Mary had a seizure before falling into a short coma.

Mary is not being mean if she is delayed making contact or returning correspondence. She is simply recovering.  Her day is spent catching up on events since the incident/accident. This happened 48 hours after Mary received  had warning to leave, she has been under a barrage of threats since her colleague Jeff Bradstreet was murdered. Maybe there are such things as coincidences. Mary is well cared for and functions well during her waking hours. Mary is no longer in pain, she receives medical advise and protocol.