2 thoughts on “Cures”

  1. Dear Madam/Sir,
    I am writing this message from Turkey. I have a relative who is suffering from cancer. Doctors tell he has left only 4-5 months of life.
    I have seen an article on the internet about Canabis Seeds Oil (which is a medical extract) has curative effect on cancer diseases. So I made a web scan and found some web pages of which one is yours.
    May I ask if we can supply this medicine against cancer from you?
    I know nothing and no medicine is possible to give a guarantee in such a condition. But I think we must do anything we can to save our patient.
    Could you please also tell us cost and application dosages of this product?
    If we can save a life with your products, I promise to myself, I will be volunteer supporter and sales advisor of your company in Turkey.
    I will appreciate any further reply from you.
    And thanks a lot for your kind replies from now on.
    Best Regards,
    mail: ercankrtr@gmail.com


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