Mother Nature And You

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We Amanda Mary Jewell and Douglas Jewell (Mary and Doug) pose more of a threat than any terrorist past or present to most of the world’s agencies! We are the biggest threat to BiG Phama to date!

Terrorist organizations can affect a few thousand. GcMaf can affect a few billion

Now the true agenda: it is for every man, woman and child on this earth will be immunized, vaccinated, poisoned by chem trails, GMO, metallic poisoning. just to name a few.

The only effective counter to rebalance this is guess what? GcMaf!

This is because GcMaf reacts the very immune defense that the above disabled in the body!

This simply explains why we are being treated worse than a terrorist. To the powers that be, we are worse!

Even a terrorist gets media attention. We are in prison! No charge, no questions ever asked, its clever!

we will need support to get…

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