In the very moment and thereafter of being diagnosed with cancer, the first thing I sincerely advise, is DO NOT BE AFRAID! Yes this will be your initial reaction and you may fear death, but please take the chance to open up as we are here to help educate, guide and support you throughout your journey to a full recovery.

In order to restore your body, you need to make radical changes in your life style and diet. Always remember that you cannot overdose on real, true nutrition. Proper nutrition is the very medicine that has the most effective potential to free you from cancer, and is the most powerful activator to put you back on the rood to good health.

So what is real nutrition? What has the potential to cure your cancer? A great start is doing lots of juicing of fresh organic fruit, veg and wheatgrass. Include abundant amounts of fresh garlic, turmeric and ginger with juicing. To gain the best results there is beneficial and vital things you should do to really become in control of your own health and recovery such as, grow your own wheatgrass in your window at home. Invest in a good juicer with twin gears such as the angle juicer to retain all of the natural enzymes. Ensure your fruit and veg is none GMO, organic and pesticide free. Make good use of your farmers market or even better grow your own. One main effective method to follow as a rule in your dietary change is to have, 70% vegetables and 30% fruit.


Washing your fruit and veg: to remove any traces of chemicals and pesticides, take a cup of apple cider vinegar to a sink full of cold water, place your fruit and veg in the liquid and soak for 15-20 minutes, take out and leave to dry. This process will remove all wax and any toxins as well as making your fruit and veg last longer.

Cut out the largest feed for cancer to thrive which is sugar. Do not replace sugar with un-natural sweeteners, they are known carcinogenic (cancer promoting). Better natural sweeteners in moderation are honey, agave nectar syrup and maple syrup.

Stop drinking fluoridated filter that guarantees to remove the fluoride from your water. Try to find trustworthy bottled at source spring water which has a PH of 7 or above, water that is the PH 7 or above is alkaline water, one of your goals is to get your body back into an alkaline environment. An effective way to remove chemicals from your tap water or any water you consume is to buy a very good quality water distiller, which will remove chemicals.

Cancer is a natural process in your body, everyone has cancer cells. The body is amazing and it is able to recognize these cells and has the ability to illuminate them as this happens in most cases. Tumors are formed when cells mutate into cancerous cells.

Cancer, the lump, bump or lesion is not the real problem, yes it is a problem but it’s not the problem! The problem is that you are sick; you have a systematic, metabolic disease that has resulted in a tumor/tumors that are growing in your body. Let’s be clear here the tumor is the symptom and not the true problem. We must get to the root cause.

If you were to have the tumor surgically removed, the environment in your body which caused the tumor to appear still remains the same, therefore other tumors will soon reappear. The root cause must be treated.

When people have cancer, we need to look at the body as a whole. Cancer tumors only grow in bodies that are nutrient deficient and overloaded with toxins and heavy metals. Cancer summarized is when your immune system has become suppressed.

What is causing this reaction?  Chemical sprays, chemical soaps, chemical air fresheners etc. the list is endless. One thing to always remember is that our skin is our body’s largest organ and absorbs through the pores. We need to stop using chemical tooth paste, mouthwash, hair products, chemical creams, deodorants as well as pharmaceutical sun creams which are known to be carcinogenic (cancer promoting). If it is not natural and contains chemicals do not use!

On this website you will find information and guidance on how to make products at home including laundry soap that are chemical free and safe for use, this cut short means they will not harm the body. This is the reason cancer has tripled in the past 10 years! Your body absorbs chemicals through the skin therefore this process of chemical products along with poor nutrition and stress are a perfect breeding ground for cancer cells to grow in the body.

It is time for a life style change and a radical one to begin your journey back to good health.

One of the very reasons cancer is on the increase is due to the so called “food” that we are consuming. We continue to eat processed, manmade filth known as “food”. This is “food” our human bodies were never designed to eat. Let food be thy medicine! Only eat foods that are none GMO, chemical and pesticide free which are grown from the earth the very way the creator of human life intended when life began, basically meaning food in its natural form. Remember the earth was created for us and everything our bodies need comes from the earth and was not designed by white coated scientists in a lab. This is a simple, common sense concept, truth is that simple. Our body is our temple, one we must take care of.

We have become an over fed, yet malnourished society. Our stomachs are stuffed yet we are starving! We are eating plenty of proteins, fats and carbs but we are no longer getting valuable critical, vital micro nutrients that our bodies need and crave for. I refer to vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and thousands of micro nutrient compounds in fruit vegetables and herbs. Not only are we starving our bodies of vital nutrients to heal our bodies but we are feeding it with artificial man made “foods” which our bodies were never designed for. Therefore our bodies do not know how to cope. We are loading our bodies with artificial chemicals, flavorings, colors, preservatives, textures, enhancers, just to name a few, Artificial fats etc. The list goes on and on. This is FAKE food; this stuff is poisoning you and polluting your body! Fast foods, soft drinks, microwaved food, restaurant food and much more is all very toxic for your body. All of these so called foods have been altered and loaded with processed salts and sugars to name a few. Now you can begin to understand why diet and real nutrition is number one. Summary, let food be thy medicine.

Life style: Stop smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, consuming Pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmaceutical drugs are all immune suppressants; you need a good immune system to fight all disease, this is FACT!

Pharmaceutical drugs promote cancer! There is no pharmaceutical drug that is good for your body! Your medical condition is not because your body is lacking in pharmaceutical drugs, this should now all start making sense to you. Pharmaceutical drugs do not heal the body, they simply mask symptoms!

The only way to heal is through nutrition. Give your body back the building blocks it requires to regenerate, we can all do this.

Now we have established no pharmaceutical drugs, no chemicals, no sugars, no toxins, no tobacco, no alcohol, we now understand that consuming any of these will cause us health issues, they are carcinogenic (cancer promoting). We must remove these from our life style to remove the cancer.  If you are overweight, your body is in a state of inflammation and it is overloaded and struggling, this is a cancer promoter.

Exercise: Our ancestors were always moving, we must also ensure our cardiovascular system is kept in shape. Lifestyles in this more modern day have changed but exercise does need incorporating into your lifestyle to get the blood pumping to your extremities. Exercise and movement are an essential part of recovery.

Stress: Through our intense studies, we find stress to be a key cause of cancer. Stress is often brought on by a death in the family, problems in the work place, financial worry and divorce. When you are under stress your immune system drops thus allowing cells to mutate, stress destroys your immune system. Also too much exercise is another form of stress to the body, i.e. competitive sports, marathons running, you can overdo exercise. Stick to everything in moderation when it comes to exercise. All stress is an immunosuppressant.

We also have to remove negative thoughts we may harbor, this can be done through forgiveness, exercise and meditation, why not do all three! We need to illuminate negativity from within! When we are stressed our bodies become inflamed, our stress hormones become elevated, also cortisol and adrenals are all elevated! This is known as a pro-cancerous condition. Now you can grasp a deeper understanding of the reason you have cancer. You know that you have choices and you can turn your health around just by changing the way you live. Do not allow others to talk you into Chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery, you do have time! The majority of cancers are not life threatening or emergency situations. The majority of cancer patients feel physically fine. They have a lump, bum or lesion that shows up on a scan but other than that they feel fine. Many ask for 3 months to make some lifestyle changes as discussed but you must make radical changes and see what happens. Bring your body back into a state of balance, make the changes, be consistent with them and allow your body to heal. This is the best advice I can give. I have met many people who had disease/cancer in the body, who have followed this advice, including myself and we are here years later alive and well. We now want to educate the world. Give your body what it needs to safely restore its self. This is more than possible.

The “medical” approach is that cancer is linear, when they find a cancerous tumor it can only go in one direction and that is to continue to grow and mastitis throughout the body, this is the linear view of cancer. The latest clinical research proves this to be untrue and an outright lie. The body can heal from cancer. Cancer is not an alien that landed from another planet into your body, the body created it, the body can therefore eradicate it, you simply just need to feed it the correct nutrients and care. Let us embrace and learn from other people’s knowledge and experience.

Take your time, do not allow others to make the wrong decision for you, it is your body; you created the perfect environment in your body for cancer cells to grow, therefore you can reverse this process, into a process of healing, you can heal yourself!

Listen to your instincts if you don’t feel good about something, do not be pushed or bullied into it by people with little knowledge or know how. Never consent to Chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery, if you do not feel good about it. Read my articles on these so called “Treatments”. I do not care how many family members or Dr’s tell you otherwise, you DO NOT have to do it. Healing yourself is your human right and who knows your body better than you? This is your life, your journey; you and only you should have control over it. Make the very best decision for you. We are here reaching out to help, let us guide you.

Remember all Dr’s, oncologists; surgeons took a Hippocratic Oath to, number 1- DO NO HARM. Number 2- DO NOT GIVE A POISON! Chemotherapy, radiotherapy do both! They do not practice the Hippocratic Oath, do you still trust them with your life?. Google GcMaf or visit http://www.firstproengineering.com facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1636250066626603 , DCA, LDN, CBD oil and Artemisinin