All Natural Shampoo

Over the past years; as my family have cut out toxic chemicals in our home, I have experimented with all sorts of organic and “all natural” shampoos. Sadly, all left me a little closer to broke and with greasy, waxy hair. Not good.

In one last attempt, I adapted a few recipes until I came up with this beautiful, homemade, DIY, all natural shampoo of happy days and good hair! (Yes, I love it that much!)

Why get rid of your shampoo?

Many shampoos have lots questionable ingredients (like carcinogens in baby shampoo). Most commercial shampoos strip the scalp of its natural oils. The body, in its infinite wisdom, tries to balance itself back out by producing more oil. This of course translates into hair that gets really greasy really fast — a reason why most people feel like they need to wash their hair every day or two. This is Because our shampoos are destroying our natural balance. The product we need to feel less greasy is making us… well, more greasy.

This recipe below is a great alternative. It’s easy, smells good, lathers very well (yes!), and is much less harsh on your head. I find I only need to wash about twice a week now and my hair doesn’t get NEARLY as gross as it used to (even by day 4). Of course everyone’s hair is different, and the water in your shower can also make a huge difference. Be sure to give your scalp at least two weeks to adjust before giving up. You’ll probably feel a little greasier for the first couple of days while your body’s natural oil production balances back to normal.

All natural homemade shampoo recipe

½ cup distilled water

¼ cup liquid castile soap (I like Dr. Bronner’s unscented baby mild… I can use it on my baby Granddaughter, too!*)

2 tsp avocado oil

1/8 tsp peppermint essential oil

1/8 tsp tea tree essential oil

1 tsp vegetable glycerin (optional, gives the shampoo a little more “body”)

10 – 15 drops of your favorite essential oils* (optional, but makes it smell great!)

Put the above ingredients in a bottle (you could even reuse an old shampoo bottle but wash it out first). Shake well before each use. Pour a little over your head. Lather well. Gently massage in the scalp for a minute or two. Rinse completely.

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