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Mrs H from USA 56 years old ( stage 4 colon cancer and liver cancer)

She arrived with her liver in a poor state and inflamed, she had problems also with her lungs. We used oxygen protocol, liver wraps which improved the inflammation within a few days in the liver, enema’s, douche’s, sit baths. She had two weeks of oxygen therapy with CDS which drastically improved her breathing. When she left she was feeling that she had much more energy, liver was fully reduced, breathing greatly improved and travelled around Europe, she is very positive and will continue protocol, we are pleased with the progress so far. We used protocol dca, vit d, L-glutamine, enema’s, douches, painting of lungs, liver wraps, Brazil nuts for the selenium, probiotics, black seed oil, apricot kernels and herbs during the evening.

Mr P from Africa 45 years old (leukemia)

He arrived with a seriously enlarged liver and spleen which caused great discomfort; he had not eaten for a week due to pain deriving from liver. We did protocol dca during the day, sit baths, enema’s, painting of all large bones and spine with CDS, water and DMSO mix. Liver wraps 24 hours, black seed oil, brazil nuts, apricot kernels. He has returned to Kenya and emailed stating that he is feeling much better, he continues protocol, eats well and has returned to work. This was really pleasing results.

B from Israel 66 years old (diabetes 1, lung cancer, cough, foot and nail fungus, liver cancer and colon cancer).

He arrived looking weak and slightly jaundice with an elevated liver which caused a degree of discomfort. We set him a personal protocol during the day, plus sit baths, painting of lungs, CDS, water and DMSO mix. Liver wraps 24 hours, brazil nuts, apricot kernels. He had amazing results with our oxygen therapy with CDS with the lungs. The jaundice disappeared and good color appeared. When he left us after 3 weeks he was insulin free, steroid free, pain free, liver size was normal, he felt he had more energy. We used Tea tree oil, lavender oil and colloidal silver for the fungus in his feet and nails which was looking good when he left. He will continue protocol.

Mrs B from Denmark 79 years old (lung cancer, cough and foot fungus)

This lady arrived walking slowly and very carefully on a walking stick, she was panting short breaths and did not look at all well, and she was pale and fragile. She did oxygen therapy with CDS at 2 hours per day, she did set protocols during the day, plus daily daily sit baths, CDS, DMSO and water added to the lung area, immune boosters during the evening, MSM and sea water. Within a week she was breathing much better, coughing has ceased and she could walk without her stick, she stayed for 3 weeks and did not have a problem with breathing at all when she left, she continues to do the protocol designed for her. We used Tea tree oil, lavender oil, oregano oil and colloidal silver to clear up her fungus and it worked as planned.

Mrs S from USA aged 54 (Thymoma Cancer)

She followed her personal set protocol during the day time. Plus Cancer herbs, MSM, sea water, apricot Kernels, black seed oil, black salve. The black salve drew out the cancer, we sealed the hole that was left, it healed very well. She was amazed at her results, she continues protocol. She also did enema’s, sit baths and douche’s.

Mr F aged 58 (prostate cancer)

He commenced with his protocol designed for him during the day. Plus Gooche patches, MSM, black seed oil, Moringa, MSM, apricot kernels and cancer herbs during the evening. He felt that he was much happier and healthier, he will continue protocol, we await news of tests.

Mr B aged 82 from Bulgaria (skin cancer)

This was the worst case of skin cancer I have ever witnessed, his whole face, neck and head was covered. We did protocol black salve with lots of topical applications during the day time. Moringa, cancer herbs, sit baths during the evening, within three weeks and the skin cancer was reduced by 80% a truly remarkable 3 weeks.

Mrs R aged 56 from Bulgaria (breast cancer, 5 cysts in left breast)

We commenced with her personal protocol during the day, plus sit baths, enema’s, Douche’s, patch on the breast with CDS, water and DMSO mix. black seed oil, apricot kernels, MSM and cancer herbs. This was really pleasing as all 5 cysts had disappeared; she has since been scanned and shows no sign of cancer.


My first post did not include Mrs K or Starllyte from Australia as she is known on this forum, Mrs k aged 53 (Thymoma Cancer)

She followed her personal protocol during the day time. Plus Cancer herbs, MSM, sea water, apricot Kernels, black seed oil, black salve. The black salve drew out the cancer, we sealed the hole that was left, it healed very well. She was amazed at her results, she continues protocol. She also did enema’s, sit baths and douche’s.

Starllyte is busy jumping up and down after her 4 week stay, after returning home to Austrailia, where she had a tumor that was 8.4cm after a four week stay with us at the center in Bulgaria she had a further test, she jumped with joy at being told the tumor has drastically reduced in size to 3.5cm that is a 5cm reduction in just 4 weeks. This is just another one of our amazing results. As Starllyte continues protocol her tumor will continue to reduce, we are so pleased that she took a leap of faith to come to us.

Starllyte will be updated her posts very soon, we the team at the Bulgarian restoration center continue to support Starllyte on her journey to full health restoration.

We see an abundant amount of people suffering from Leukemia, there was a man here a month ago that had not eaten for a while, had had been terrified at the size of his liver and spleen, he came from Kenya and his liver and spleen had been the highest had I had seen, it protruded so much the man could not sit up or eat without severe pain. He was extremely underweight. The liver wrap was wonderful for him and worked quite quickly. We also started with his personal protocol and built up very slowly with protocols set.

He ate fresh avocado’s daily, drank milk thistle and artichoke tea during the evening, took burdock root powder capsules for cleaning the blood, ate 10 apricot kernels, 4 cancer herbs, 2 artichoke and milk thistle capsules, 2 tea spoons of black seed oil, 250ml/cc sea water and 2 x MSM. Whist here we noticed that he had Macular Degeneration of the eyes, this was confirmed when he returned to Kenya.

I also received the following email:

Morning Mary,

Let me shock you a little!!!

-My eye has really improved the black spot is gone but only a little whitish blur is remaining.

-My liver never pains me it’s raised a little bit only.

-Am back to work and my colleges told me I look so much better than before.

-my energy levels are going up slowly, I appreciate that.

To be honest I now feel great very day.

My major problem is I miss all the people I was with in Bulgaria say hi to all. Thank you, you did the impossible and gave me my life back.

kind regards,


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The good news continues, here is the content of an email (personal details deleted) i received this afternoon, my day just gets better, this is news of an 81 year old lady with Lung cancer, she stayed last month for 3 weeks:

Dear Mary

Its with joy that I can write the joyfull letter that I believed would come!

Please see the attached files.

It states that the cancer have been stopped in its progress and has not caused any increased harm in other areas of the body. The lungs are now much clearer.

B tells me off-course – to send you the warmest of wishes and thanks.. She is very happy and had shot up from her chair to inform me of great news. She now go back into the protocol until next check in 2½ month.

She has requested and oxygen concentrator and got the O2 CO2 flask kit… Which she cant use off-course.

So now she tries one more time to get the oxygen concentrator with medicine facility so we can use CDS, from the Hospital..

Now B’ s protocol

without the concentrator the protocol at the attached .docx file we think. And with concentrator we write to you again..

All the best

to you and all around you



The results show good improvement for a lady that could only take 3 drops of protocol per hour and never continued protocol after leaving the center. I will keep you all up-dated

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I am so pleased to share with you another great result:

Thank you for your e-mail. I have been to the hospital and made the CT and Lung test. The CT shows that there are no thrombus at all and the lung function is now very good. The cavern I had in the upper lung is no longer a cavern. There is still something, but it has changed its shape. The doctor wants to take a sample of that area. I told him that I will buy an oxygen machine and add tree drops of CDS and use this for 6 months. After that time I will contact him for a test. He was curious about your protocol and looked it up on the internet. He agreed with my action.

Hope you are all well.

Warm hugs, H

Dear Mary,

Last night we met our dear mother Rosmary at Zurich airport, returning from 3 weeks treatment from you at your clinic in Bulgaria. It is impossible to put into words how much we appreciate all you have done for her. It goes much further now, as we are about to have Rosmary’s 7th grandchild. Through your work of constantly `”swimming against the tide” in this mad, mad world ruled by greed instead of need, you are creating a legacy of hope & love as opposed to misery & fear.

1 month ago there was pressure from family & friends to go & have her breast removed, followed by Chemo & Radio therapy, after which I watched my own mother die horribly 32 years ago. This morning Rosmary shoveled snow from the paths around her house completely healthy, happy & whole.

We want to express to you from the deepest recesses of our hearts…


Wishing you Love & Light

Roger, Diana & our unborn child.

More great News:

Hi Mary ,

hope you are well and healthy. Axxxxxx called me 3 days ago and told me, that his cancer test was negative. He was very happy about that, so that he made the same evening a big party at his house. I want to thank you Mary, that you helped him as my friend so much!!! Thanks a lot, my GOD bless you for that!

Here the summer did not come at all. We had all the last weeks just rain and wind, so that many parts of germany are overflowed.

Oh I nearly forgot to tell you , that my Reflux sickness is completely gone after having it for 10 years. I took your medicine and I drink for 6 days 8 times a day. It is like a wonder for me. Thank you very much for your help.

Big hugs……


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today i have wonderful news to share. he is a copy of an email:

My dearest Mary,

I hardly know where to start with this email, I have cried with joy and excitement since this morning, I only feel it fair to inform you that my liver has returned to normal and the scan revealed NO CANCER in my cervix now. I told my oncologist about you and your protocol and how I used it with your herbs, I told him that you came to help me. He said that I should start to look for a new Oncologist, I stood up and said “you are well and truly fired, you and your medications, toxins and poisons have only made me sick, you are a quack and should be ashamed of yourself. Your results 0% but Mary in Bulgaria was wonderful and it is only thanks to her that I am here today! Mary I got so angry with him but at the same time the look on his face was so funny. I won’t be seeing him again thanks to you.

As you are aware I never informed my family of my cancer, I will be telling them now. Mary you do so much for others and what you do is amazing. Thank you some how does not seem enough, I am full of gratitude and new life, and I promise not to waist a moment. If I had money I would donate it all to you but my pension is so small. You gave hope when hope was lost, you turned my lights back on, you cheered me up when I was down, you were a friend when I needed one, you are my healer and my sole mate, my laughter and my joy. My home will always be open to you.

Never stop doing what you are doing. It may have been a long 8 months but thankfully it is behind me now.

Eternally grateful


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The good news continues:

Dear Mary,

Thank you so much for all your kindness and care, you saved my life. My stay with you was a great and enjoyable experience. Please, also give my thanks and best regards to your husband Douglas and I am sorry that I was so late leaving and I could not look for him to say good bye personally.

I apologise for writing so late but there was just too much work waiting for me when I got back; but thanks to you, I am well enough again to do all this but I still do my best to keep up with my protocol. My plan is to work hard for the next 5 weeks to successfully complete my project and then I can go back to my favorite place and favorite people at the center in October.

My wife is very happy with the Rose Water you sent her and she says “thank you” and also hopes to see you in October.

I am telling all my friends and associates about you, Doug, The Bulgarian Health Restoration Centre, etc, and give them links to learn more about it. We must spread the word and save more people from the clutches of these corporations and scrupulous system, who are only interested in profits.

When I removed the bandages from my skin cancer, I found that the one on the leg finished as a sizable hole but still with a black spot inside, which I just leave alone for the time being to heal. The other 3 were just dry with the black spots still in place and nothing happened. So I re-applied Black Salve and feel it working again to pull it out properly. I am attaching some pictures of it.

You surely will be busy, so I finish for the time being but I have not forgotten that I owe you a good write up on my protocol and will let you know as soon as I posted that.

So again, thank you very much and all my best to Doug.

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The good work continues:

Hello, my name is Eric; I am 70 years of age and would like to tell everyone about my experience with Mary and how it saved my live more than one time.

About 5 years ago, after I was misdiagnosed by a doctor and just given some anti-biotic that did not work. Subsequently, I was dying from Avian Flu but was saved by a friend who introduced me to MMS. After starting with MMS1, I quickly recovered fully but made the mistake to “forget” about MMS after I was well again.

One year later, I came up with Skin Cancer at several places from Head to Toe and was in bad condition. This time, I refused to go to a doctor and started to treat myself with MMS internally and with Black Salve topically. After two months, I had no more apparent skin cancer and was feeling very well. However, I made the mistake not to follow up with a proper protocol to fully eliminate the cancer and just took some MMS occasionally, if and when I did not feel so well.

This mistake came back to punish me. In June 2013, I got very ill with lung cancer and reoccurring skin cancer and my condition deteriorated fast. So this time, I decided that if I wanted to live, I needed to get serious help. I contacted Amanda Mary at the Health Restoration Centre and booked a place for the next available session in August.

When I arrived there on the 4th of August, I was in very bad condition with my lung working at just 30% as a result of cancer damage. It was not difficult to imagine for how long I could have continued like that and Mary told me that “I just made it to get here”.

The good news is that I made remarkable progress and the rate of my recovery was astounding. The combined treatment, carefully selected and prepared delicious health food and of course the clean, oxygen rich air and pristine mountain water at this 1,700m above sea level resort, brought about remarkable results.

After just 3 weeks, 60% of my lungs were working and the skin cancer was well under control and in remission. This time, I will continue my protocol and I believe that I can fully recover over the next 2 to 3 month.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Mary and her Mothernatureandyou team for their outstanding professionalism and personal care and attention, guided by in-depths knowledge and understanding of various protocols and herbal applications of Mothernatureandyou Sacramental protocols.

Their dedication to helping people and restoring their health is second to none and I also was impressed by the excellent facilities; starting with clean and spacious rooms, restaurant etc., to available support facilities and equipment including examination room, consultation room, oxygen machines and professional examination tools.

My cancer is now in remission and my overall health condition and energy level are the best I have been for a long time. In fact, I am planning to return to this wonderful place later this year for a “final polish” and bring my wife with me for her health restoration and a holiday at the same time.

Eric Stanley

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Another post:

The Health and Restoration centre on a beautiful mountain with spectacular views, it is a luxury with large en suite rooms, very comfortable. There is a lake 15 minutes walk that you can swim in if you wish, there is nobody around and it was warm. The treatment and consulting rooms are immaculate interesting and comfortable. Mary is an angel who is very professional, also extremely funny, but her knowledge is so deep and wide ranging. I refused to see my oncologist anymore in U.K. After asking so many questions and getting no replies simply because he did not know the answers, he knew so little except which chemotherapy shall I give this poor fool. cancer treatment in U.K. Is a disgrace, closed minds and therapies that just kill you. I feel so nurtured here and am confident of a good outcome for my multiple myeloma. A. Daily consultation with Mary and adjustments of various medicines and procedures is normal, someone is available 24 hours in case you need any help of anything. These people are absolutely lovely,totally dedicated to healing and have great success with. Cases that would be hopeless in the mainstream medical community. Douglas, Mary and all the staff and visitors I have met here I just say thank you, so glad to be here. STEVEN CALLIGAN from Manchester England. X

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Cancer! It’s a frightening word. Not really frightening if you don’t have it or don’t think you could ever contract it, but for those of us who have contracted it…well that’s a different story. What is most frightening is the unknown. The future. Will I die from this? Will it be painful? How long do I have? What about my family? How will they cope? Am I spiritually ready to go? Could I have done… something differently to prevent this? What about the bills? Why the conflicting medical opinions? etc etc.

I’ve been fighting prostate cancer for around three years now. When you get a diagnosis you immediately feel apprehensive. Your heart rate goes up. You feel bewildered and immediately ask your doctor for a solution. Options are given and you place yourself in the expert’s hands, trusting that all will be well.

In my case two expensive treatments called HIFU (High Intensity Frequency Ultrasound) failed to kill the cancer. I apparently fell into a 7% failure category based upon tissue density. Of course this potentiality wasn’t shared with me in advance. Only success stories were shared and I was assured all would be well. When HIFU failed for the second time the doctor decided a “wait and see” option was the best. Translation; “I don’t have any other options for killing the cancer so lets just try and stop its progression and try different things as time passes.”

I’m one that feels a need to do research beyond what I’m told. This led me to explore the world of natural healing. I’ve heard of celebrities who followed this path and who all ended up dead, so initially I wasn’t very hopeful that I would find any solution. Hope? Perhaps. Solution? Probably not. Nevertheless, when your life is in the balance no research is too much. It’s the survival genes kicking in.

Suddenly I found myself empathizing greatly with others going through cancer or illness or facing death. I knew now what facing my own mortality was like. I knew what it’s like to awaken at 3 am in the darkness with swirling thoughts of, worry and apprehension. It drives away the drowsiness. It awakens your need to pray, to plead and to surrender to God. Eventually you sleep but not without a struggle. It usually happens after your’ve begun praying for others who are sick and may need prayers more than you do.

So I began using his instructions but soon realized that I was doing something which completely nullified the protocols I was using. I needed guidance. I ultimately flew to Bulgaria this April where Mary and Doug Jewell have established a wildly successful healing clinic and which uses Humble’s protocols as well as some of their own. Mary had herself, been a stage 4 cancer victim until Doug began using protocols on her and completely cured her! That was years ago. Since then they have healed hundreds of people with various diseases which modern traditional medicine has no adequate answer for.

I stayed at their clinic for 3 weeks and watched others being treated as I went through the detox protocols myself. Baths, pills, patches, good nutrition and rest make for very busy days. When I left my new friends, I was armed with plenty of healing solutions. For 6 months I have been diligent with the protocols. At the end of each month I took a PSA blood test which is a general indicator of cancer markers but which has also garnered a lot of pro-con discussions in the medical community as to their efficacy or accuracy.

I hate having to call in to get my PSA test results because I’ve never had a positive report. Each month the scores have worsened and my apprehension increased. I received prayer and support from family, friends and a childhood friend going through lung cancer treatment. Others simply felt I should drop this wild goose chase and return to the sane world of modern medicine. Calmness and apprehension were cyclical but I determined that my best chances for being cured were with natural medicine. Most recommended medicines are designed to hold off cancer progression for a while. The final resort is the chemo and radiation route and the statistics are pretty dismal and so are the side effects. Alternatively the Natural Health Restoration Center treatment has an amazing 90% success rate with patients who have not had chemo and radiation! With those odds I knew I had to stick with it.

Each time my PSA results came in I would immediately Skype Doug and Mary for counsel. Finally, they decided that things were just not adding up as cancer cannot stand up to their protocols. They asked me to obtain two different tests which would give them a more accurate picture of what was happening in my body. I emailed the results to them and within a half hour I got a call from them via Skype. They asked me to look at the normal range for both tests and to tell them what my scores were. The one test averages are 0.0 to 15.5 and I did NOT want to be above 15! “Take a look at where you are”, Mary said. I was at a 1.0! At the very lowest end. The second test was split in two parts. The normal range is 348 – 1197 and I was at 453! The next score’s average was 6.6 -18.1 and my score was 8.7! All scores show I am at the very low end of normal!

Then Mary gave me the best news I’ve heard in a long long time. YOU ARE CANCER FREE! What an amazing gift! Immediate thanks to God are due. A huge hug for Doug and Mary who now are life friends. Big thanks to all of you who have followed me in the journey and have prayed for me. That meant a lot to me and I won’t forget it! I don’t quite know how I feel now. Maybe it hasn’t really sunk in yet. Actually, maybe it has. When I woke up last night I didn’t toss and turn. I just smiled, said thank you, and went back to sleep.

Steve K from USA 18th Oct 2013

Originally posted by Mary on our old forum, 20 May 2013

I was very happy to receive the following email from a gentleman that had prostate cancer from USA, i have deleted his name and ommited any personal text:

Dear Mary,

I just wanted to say hi. when I think of friends I think of this song [hello again] by Neil Diamond. You must hear it. I wanted you to know that a couple of days after coming home from your health restoration center in Bulgaria that I feel phenomenal. It was just like turning on a light switch. My energy and strength has returned and I entered a state of well being and I’m going back to work. I think of you often.

love T

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