This is a request for help raising money for a brave lady who has done so much to help others but now needs some help herself.

Anne (41) is a single Mum bringing up two young children on her own. Having relocated from a different part of the country in 2013, she has no family nearby, and has very few friends to turn to. In January 2010 Anne was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer and with no time to waste, underwent radical treatment immediately. Since then, Anne has had a further six major operations and undergone gruelling chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions, all the time continuing to work to support herself and her children.

Unfortunately despite all previous treatment and being very careful with her diet Anne has recently been told that she still has cancer in what little breast tissue she has left. It is spreading, and she is running out of time. There is treatment available, but as its not accessible through the NHS there are costs involved. This is where Anne needs help. Although Anne has continued to work as much as she can, hospital visits and time off for operations has taken their toll financially and Anne is nownin debt. She has no savings and therefore cannot afford to pay for her much needed treatments. She is desperate.

She is a proud, selfless lady who would never normally ask for help for herself, but she really needs it. Since her initial diagnosis She has managed to run the London marathon, and half the Frankfurt marathon raising funds for other charities never thinking that one day she might be the one needing that financial support.

We would like to raise money to pay for her treatment and gain her some more quality time with her children.

Any amount you can spare, will help immensely, and on behalf of Anne and her two beautiful children, Thank you for your help.

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