We have been searching to find a 100% natural make up for years that we really liked. Our Criteria as follows:
1. 100% Natural
2. Feel natural as well as be natural
3. look and feel smooth
4. Even out skin tone
5. Quick and easy to apply
6. Sleep in it without harming our skin
7. A healthy glow
8. Apply wet or dry
9. long lasting
10. Wash out of clothes and bedding easily
11. Skin to be able to breath whilst wearing it.
12. Even cover
13. Cover blemishes.
14. silky smooth finish

When make-up says “Natural” in the world of cosmetics there is a huge sliding scale for “natural” and 98% of brands are not 100% natural. The product line we have found, you can actually eat this and it will not harm you. We 100% endorse this product.

The creator of this amazing make-up is named Carol May, she is a very Humble lady. She has previously only sold her products to the client that visit her spa center. You will not find this product available anywhere other than this website page, Carol May does not appear to advertise

Now that we have found the product that more than ticks all of our boxes, we hoped that you may like it too.

When make-up says “Natural” in cosmetics there is a sliding scale for natural and 98% of brands are not 100% natural, you can eat this brand and it will not harm you. We 100% endorse this Brand and its products.

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