Our ancient cavemen ancestors had a different relationship with everything in their environment than we do. They had a different relationship with their food, their environment and even the way they released waste. They caught or picked their own food and were highly sensitive to their surroundings knowing that they could become prey at any given moment. They took a bowel movements or urinated in the great outdoors! (ahh, always a more refreshing way to do it right?) Well, there’s something interesting about how they took a bowel movement. They didn’t do what we do today, walk into the bathroom, switch on the light, lift the toilet seat… sit down and handle business. They found a little area that was private (I’d hope at least?), squatted down holding themselves up (not sitting), and released their waste.

Now take a look at all of the digestive issues in America:

5 problems-constipation Squatting was a normal occurrence for our ancient ancestors. This is and was the way to do it. In our modernized society though man (in all of our brilliance) created a toilet that gives us the ability to sit at a 90 degree angle and sit there while doing it. This is not the way for us to release a bowel movement though! This is not the way that nature intended. The proper way is to squat and have your posture in a squatting position more at a 45 degree angle.