I love rooms that smell warm and inviting. And natural scents always make a space feel cozy without being overwhelming. If you have friends and family coming over tomorrow why not put a simmering home humidifier on the stove and enjoy the smell all day while you cook? And if there’s no room on the stove here are a few more simple ways to make your house smell amazing – naturally!

1. Make your own scented candles


The scent of vanilla and coffee beans together instantly warms up the house in these French vanilla candles. Candles look great in just about any container so experiment with different glasses or jars that fit your aesthetic.

2. Use multiple scented candles to combine scents


Don’t feel like you only have to use one candle in a room! Layering scents together, like using french vanilla with these cinnamon pumpkin candles, creates a nice aroma.

3. Make a reed diffuser


5. Make your own potpourri


Collect dried materials, aromatic spices and essential oils for homemade potpourri. Put the natural elements into a bowl and add a few drops of essential oil on top. Try a spicy mixture (think cinnamon sticks, star anise and cloves) or a citrus combination (use whole and dried elements with orange essential oil). My favorite is red and green mixture of cranberries, fragrant evergreens and dried eucalyptus.

What’s your favorite way to scent a room?